Friday, July 18, 2008


The people lived in the heavens and there were yet no human beings on earth. However on earth was glistening water and fresh green plants and trees. Ukinurot, a hunter in heaven, was fed up with the never-changing diet of meat, the brown and bare landscape and the warm clothing made of birds’ feathers

While hunting one day, a large bird swam into his ken. He aimed his bow and arrow at it and shot. The arrow passed clean through the bird’s body and landed on the ground, a distance away, and was deeply embedded in the ground. As he pulled it, a good amount of soil came up with the arrow, leaving a large hole in the ground. Ukinurot peered through the hole and saw below him shining water and green earth. He summoned his companions, men and women, and all were pleased with what they saw.

Then they decided to go down. They plucked the bird’s feathers and twined a rope with them. Then one by one they climbed down. A rather fat woman could not go through the opening.

Ukinurot was the last to descend. As soon as he touched earth, the rope snapped. So they could no longer return. The fat woman who remained in heaven, lights up the stars every night to remind the people below whence they originally came. The hole through below which they descended now shines as the moon.

Misamis Oriental Myth by Francisco Demetrio, SJ

This is a mythological story from the Philippines; accordingly the earth was unmanned till Ukinurot from heaven accidentally discovered that there was a paradise below them. Out of curiosity they then went down from heaven and accidentally settled on earth.

Isn’t it amazing how people think of the beginning of the human race here on Earth? Well, there are lots of beautiful stories through out the world and for me this story is one of them.

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